CEO Panel

CEO Panel

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CEO Panel

Moderator Mark Rushton

  • Steering a company in today's evolving, global bioeconomy
    Berry Wiersum
    CEO, Sappi Europe
  • The financial side of bioeconomy and the future of the forest industry
    Rainer Häggblom
    Chairman of Häggblom & Partners Ltd
  • Forest based industries: the role model for the bioeconomy
    Teresa Presas
    The Navigator Company Board Member, former Director General of CEPI
  • Nicholas Oksanen
    Director, Industry Business Group, Pöyry

Mark Rushton
Media Consultant and Senior Editor

Berry Wiersum
Sappi Europe

Rainer Häggblom
Häggblom & Partners Ltd

Teresa Presas
Board Member and Senior Consultant
The Navigator Company

Nicholas Oksanen
Director, Industry Business Group